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Cybersecurity and Information Security

Olivier Le Moal
Image by Kevin Ku

Is your Company Information Secure?

In the world of the Internet Age more and more companies are becoming pure digital entities and removing themself from paper filings. While this is highly beneficial in being able to access data any and anywhere, it's also quite dangerous. Your constantly hearing how company's have been hacked and critical data has been compromised. 

In order to help prevent cybersecurity attacks RISQ Management is positioned to provide an upfront cybersecurity assessment to determine what assets are valuable to your company. From the output of this assessment RISQ Management will provide you will tools on how to protect your assets, and reduce your overall cyber security and information risk.

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Identity & Access Management consulting

  • Governance Risk & Compliance services

  • SOC Design & Implementation

  • Digital Health and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) such as mobile, web and cloud applications

  • CISO Advisory services

  • Policy and Procedures Consulting

  • Third Party Policy/Vendor Management Review and Risk Determination

  • Security and Regulatory Standard Consulting

  • Risk Ranked Vulnerabilities 

  • EU’s GDPR

  • Security strategy and implementation consulting services

  • Global and Domestic submission documentation for cybersecurity testing of medical devices

  • Cybersecurity Maturity assessment as per NIST

  • Penetration Testing consulting services

  • FCC Applications

Here at RISQ Management we recognized that every business is different, which is why we tailor our plans based on individual client needs and wants.

Ready to be proactive? Contact us today and see how we can help you and your business be protected!

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