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RISQ Management is well-positioned to provide high impact client-driven regulatory decisions and solutions for a wide spectrum of products. Including medical devices, biologics, drugs combination products, software and MRI Safety.

Risk Management/Quality Control

RISQ Management has uniquely positioned itself to provide solutions that challenge the traditional governance of risk management for multiple industry sectors, including healthcare. We help our clients change how they think about and manage risk within the Quality Management System. 

Cybersecurity and Information Security

As threats and vulnerabilities in the world today cannot be eliminated, RISQ Management focuses on helping clients reduce cybersecurity risks. Here at RISQ Management, we help guide clients through the cybersecurity requirements and regulatory approval requirements and help implement cybersecurity measures in consumer sectors.


Client Focused Solutions

RISQ Management provides innovative approaches using world-class science and regulatory 'know-how' to deliver solutions that help you make a positive impact on the quality delivered to your customers. RISQ Management has the knowledge and hands-on experience with multiple successful projects and initiatives.


Guide all aspects of regulatory strategy for product development and navigation of designing your regulatory framework. 


Provide expert advice on obtaining and maintaining compliance for various industry frameworks.


Aid with Quality System documentation development, reviews of software development procedures, design, and performing of readiness audits​.

Data Analytics

Create custom reporting, design of experiments, data strategies, design of data flows, and reverse engineering of physical data.


Access to subject matter experts with extensive experience in multiple industries, including Health Care, Information Technology, Automotive, Electronics, and Distribution.

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